MS Office Tools

Office Tools includes an application that is used to create, update, manage documents, handle large data, create presentations etc. These tools, if used effectively, can save a large amount of time and effort. Lots of repetitive tasks can be done very easily.

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About This Course!

  • Learn to use different functions like Pivot, Conditional formatting, Excel charts, etc.
  • Efficiently use the various basic, intermediate and advanced level features of Microsoft office tools
  • Automate repetitive tasks using Macros.
  • To convert PDF files to word documents without using any software.

This course is ideal for kids age 6 or above. This course is offered in offline and online mode and Kids registered in this course will need either a laptop, Ipad, tab or PC(windows,IOS) and a good internet connection to start learning

What you’ll learn!


Module-1 ( Microsoft word)

Create, save and edit text documents Adding images, screenshots to document Add header and footer, set page margins and insert watermarks to your document.

Ex: Gallery, Leave letter, Calendar etc


Module – 2 ( Microsoft Presentation)

Create, save and edit presentations Creating charts and inserting charts from microsoft excel Adding presentation audio and adding images.

Ex:- Adding Audio and recording presentation, working with Smart art etc


Module -3 (Microsoft Excel)

Students can handle calculations like addition, subtraction, average and counting etc Prepare charts and graphs on a group of data Data formatting and cell formatting Learn about logical calculations and formulas.

Ex: Creating mark sheet, To-do list etc


Module – 4 (Windows)

Learning about both hardware and software. Know about types and modes of operating systems. Work on file properties, bluetooth and wifi connection.

Ex:- zipping files, working with file manager etc


Certification test

In the end students will be assessed based on a certification project they build on their own.

Ex: Making a presentation on environment Creating a chart on data provided.

Student Projects

Let your child play and learn with Little Inventors